Help with logging in


For students:
Leiden University students should always log in via ULCN. If you are unable to log in via ULCN, it may be due to the following:

For employees of LUMC or (external) educational institutions:
Employees of external educational institutions log in using a KL-APP user account username and password. If you cannot log in, it may be due to the following reasons:

  • You are currently not (yet) involved in an active internship or project of a student.
  • Your account on KL-APP is not yet activated. Activate your account using the activation link that you received by email for KL-APP. You will not receive an activation link until the internship or project is active and approved.
    Did you not receive an activation link? Please contact or the relevant internship coordinator.
  • You are logging in with the wrong username or password. You can set a new password via the forgotten password function.
  • Your password has expired. Reset your password.
  • You have (accidentally) turned on CAPS LOCK and enter your username or password in capital letters.
  • After logging in with username and password, you must enter an additional code (Multi-Factor Authentication), eg. with an authenticator. This code must be entered within 5 minutes, otherwise you must log in again.
  • There is another problem with your account. Contact Helpdesk Online Onderwijs (DOO)
  • Note: If an invalid username, password or code is entered several times, your IP address may be temporarily blocked. This means that you  ill not be able to retry logging in from the same computer until the lock is lifted.

KL-APP v. 4.0